In my culture, we take to heart our role as stewards of the land. Our Elders teach us that we have a responsibility to take care of the land, in everything that we do. I will share with you tips and tricks to living a greener life.

We may not be able to control what our government does or doesn't do in owning up to their responsibility to protect the environment. We do have control over what we do everyday as a family and community.

Tip :: There are many ideas listed. Start with one that you can realistically start doing today. Once you have a handle on it add another. Slowly, one activity by one activity, you will eventually be living a greener life.

Many of these ideas also happen to save you and your family money without coupons or loyalty programs, doing without, being frugal, cheap or stingy. These tips are about thinking before you buy. Convenient or commercially sold foods don't always mean better or cheaper than what you can offer your family.  Commercially produced food can mean factories in distant countries and chemical you can't pronounce. Providing for your family can be about using your time, not your money.

Most of all ... have fun with these ideas! 😀

Greener Living Tips

1) use cloth bags for produce and groceries when shopping.

2) use cast iron pots and pans (you can turn them into non-stick) :: they last forever!
:: How to season cast iron pans and skillets ::
:: 10 Reasons to use cast iron ::

3) use cloth diapers on your baby/toddler
Cost = $300-500 approx. .:|:. Savings = $3000 (approx) per child.

4) use washable pads for your monthly moontime (menstrual cycle).

5) can your own food :: I canned 2 lbs of kidney beans ($3.00 for a 2lbs bag) and got 7 pints. That size of commercially canned beans would normally cost me at least $2.00 per can. I home canned each pint for$0.42 per can
... that a 75% savings!! (no coupons no loyalty program) ::
Here are some canning recipes:
::~:: Canned Meat (moose meat, beef, etc) ::~::
::~:: Canned Dried Beans (kidney, black, pinto beans, etc ) ::~::

6) use vinegar and baking soda as primary cleaning products

7) make your own powdered mixes, such as pancake mix, luskinikn (bannock) mix, or tea biscuit mix

8) make your baby's food
jarred food = $0.80 per jar (4oz or 1/2 c or 125ml)
homemade = $0.14 per 1/2 c or 125 ml
... that's a 75% savings!!! (no coupon - no loyalty program - no special equipment needed)

8) shop at thrift stores :: save on second hand housewares, furniture, toys, clothes and other items

9) use homemade laundry soap :: click here for recipe and instructions

10) use legumes/beans instead of meat ... why? because 1 cup of dried rice can feed 2-4 people (and fill them up) and costs pennies per plate. Try doing that with meat, feed 4 people with 1 cup of meat - you get my point! Consider the cost. A 10lbs bag of rice ($10-15) will feed your family for days/months worth of meals vs 10lbs of meat ($20-40) will feed your family for 5, maybe 6, meals.

11) give your stale bread a second chance at life. Don't assume it's worthless. Use it for french toast or croutons

12) make your own seedling pots from newspaper

13) borrow books from the library :: why buy a book for $20-30 when you can read it for free by borrowing from the library!

14) make your own lard (from pig fat) or tallow (from beef fat)