This is a great way to bring the beach home without bringing it home. Commercially sold “moon sand” is a texture of sand similar to what you find at the beach. The sand holds a shape long enough to make a castle, but with little efforts falls apart – just like beach sand.

! ! Have fun ! !

:: Ingredients ::

4 cups of all purpose flour
1/2 cup of oil (cooking oil, baby oil, whatever you have)
coloring gel (very optional) – it takes a lot of food coloring/coloring gel to color  the batch
1 container/bin (I used a tote container with low sides)

Steps 1- Determine which bin/container you will use. Measure out 4 cups of flour and place it in the bin. I use a large bin so I quadruple (x4) the recipe (16 cups).

Step 2- Add the oil. I use baby oil, but other parents have used vegetable, canola or cooking oil. Add coloring, if you are going to add it (I do, only when I have lots as it takes a lot of food coloring/gel to color 16 cups of flour).

Step 3- Combine well, with your hands until the oil and coloring is well combined with the flour.

Step 4- Let the family enjoy the sand 😀