For those that know me, you know my first and last name, although wonder … “is that really your last name?” My answer … yes, legally it is my last name.

Over 10 years ago, I had an “aha” moment – women in our society are defined by the men in their lives, whether it is their fathers or their husbands. We take their last names and become defined by them – instead of ourselves and our own families.

In the months that followed my divorce, I had to decide what I was going to do about a last name. My options were:
1- keep my married name
2- go back to my maiden name
3- create my own

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My “aha” moment awakened me to option 4: drop my last name all together. My middle name at birth was given to me in honor of my grandmother who passed away 3 years before I was born. What better way to honor her, than to write our names together all the time.

And so …

I legally dropped my last name. That left my first name as is and my middle name became my name that came last, or my “last name”.

Now …

Everytime I write my name, I write hers too! and so yes, that is (legally) my name that comes last.